Q: What is The Local Music Revolution?
A: The Local Music Revolution is a podcast that is based around local music. I like to interview bands, groups and solo artists that aren’t signed. I also try to make sure that any other guests have a connection to local music in some way.

Q: What is the release schedule for the show.
A: Every Thursday I will have a new show uploaded.

Q: What genres do you work with?
A: Everyone of them. If you are making music, promoting music or selling music or instruments, I’m interested. There’s no genre barriers.

Q: How do I get interviewed?
A: You can fill out the interview sign up form. It’s on the top right of all pages on this blog.

Q: Can I get a list of questions that you ask?
A: No. I try not to have the same questions. I do ask for an introduction but that’s about all that is uniform. I try to have more of a conversation than an interview.

Q: What if my whole band can’t make the interview?
A: That’s fine. I just need one or two of your members that can talk about the band’s music, creative process and other topics.

Q: I know an artist. Can I suggest them for your podcast?
A: Email me and I’ll do what I can to get them on the show. You can also fill out the interview sign up form.

Q: What social media sites are you on?
A: Please view the contact page here. It will be updated with any new contact information.

A podcast for local music and the companies and individuals that help those bands.

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